Rfid wristband for rescue in disaster The application of RFID wristbands is very promising and c...

15 Aug 2018 @ 11:49

Rfid wristband for rescue in disaster
The application of RFID wristbands is very promising and can be used in gym, amusement parks, clubs, hotels, hospitals, urban transportation and other fields. With the development of Internet technology, people apply RFID technology to the field of disaster rescue, and solve the shortcomings of traditional search and rescue methods.
Rescuers need to wear RFID tags before a disaster, and RFID tags for wear typically require very small, lightweight and wearable sensor nodes. A dedicated wearable RFID wristband tag has been developed specifically for this purpose.
The base station software system receives the data of the rescued personnel collected by the wireless sensor network. Provides the ability to publish queries and management commands to wireless sensor networks. Provides historical sensor data query and trend analysis. When the data of the rescued person exceeds the normal range, an alarm message is generated and the manager is called for help. Search and rescue personnel hold RFID terminals to determine the location of the rescued personnel and implement rescue.


<h4><b>Infineon gears up for further growth</b></h4> Infineon's new office building supports t...

9 Aug 2018 @ 19:11

Infineon gears up for further growth

Infineon's new office building supports the effort to expand capacities at its Kulim wafer fabrication facility. This will allow the company to meet growing demand and strengthen its leading position in the power semiconductor market.

Infineon Technologies celebrated the opening of its new Office 2 administration block. The new building reaffirms Infineon's commitment to Malaysia as a strategic manufacturing hub for the company.

Structural business and market growth is driving the need to expand manufacturing capacities. To support this growth, the Kulim facility relies heavily on the rapid adoption of Industry 4.0 elements into its wafer fabrication process. This will enable the site to ramp significantly and deliver continuous quality and productivity improvements.

Infineon Technologies (Kulim), the company's first and only fab facility in Asia, is positioned as the competence centre for megatrend technologies focussing on automotive and power management, with a headcount of close to 2,600 employees.

Source: https://is.gd/hycQmW

NUESTRA SOLUCIÓN. https://search.google.com/local/posts?q=HTK-ID&ludocid=14473805538060137980&lp...

Ulises DIEZ
13 Aug 2018 @ 23:27

Bajo un modelo de servicio ofrecemos tranquilidad a través de soluciones especificas de control inteligente de: Mobiliario, Equipo de oficina, Maquinaria y Material quirúrgico; brindando un método inteligente y extremadamente rápido para realizar inventarios. COMPONENTES Lector RFID bluetooth Etiquetas Inteligentes Software Tablet/Smartphone Beneficios Operativos Ubicación del Activo Lectura masiva/sin línea de vista Responsable asignado al activo Información total del activo Plataforma multi-interacción

<h4><b>Workz becomes region’s first GSMA-certified eSIM factory</b></h4> Workz Group, the mobi...

7 Aug 2018 @ 17:00

Workz becomes region’s first GSMA-certified eSIM factory

Workz Group, the mobile solutions and serialized software specialist based in Dubai Production City, has become the Middle East and Africa’s first manufacturer to be certified by the GSMA for production of the SIM with eUICC software – a key component in the Internet of Things sector that will enable the remote management of devices over cellular networks.

The security accreditation awarded to Workz provides mobile network operators, device manufacturers, technology enablers, and other businesses looking to benefit from the new IoT technology with a guarantee that its SIM chips are manufactured to the highest level of security and in compliance to international standards for compatibility.

The company currently employs over 250 full-time staff and last year manufactured over 1.5 billion telecom products such as SIM cards and scratch cards in addition to providing over-the-air remote management services for SIMs and IoT devices.

~ Source: https://is.gd/NEEJFP

EL CONTROL ADECUADO DE ACTIVOS FIJOS EN TU EMPRESA Ofrecemos la manera mas optima sobre la gesti...

Ulises DIEZ
10 Aug 2018 @ 04:37

Ofrecemos la manera mas optima sobre la gestiono de los Activos Fijos, siendo la solución mas completa del mercado gracias a la actualización constante de los requerimientos de nuestros clientes por la falta de procesos y normas que no se aplican de manera correcta a la administración de su inversión, reduciendo el tiempo y tareas del personal a cargo de estas actividades, que en conjunto a la gran capacidad de información correcta,ordenada y accesible que puedes tener acceso desde cualquier lugar y momento que desees, generando el beneficio de prevenir impuestos o tomar las decisiones correctas en el momento mas indicado.
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