ID TECH Company introduction.

19 Oct 2018 @ 09:45

ID TECH Company introduction.

The community access card can also be said to be an access card. It is a common smart card that i...

18 Oct 2018 @ 14:15

The community access card can also be said to be an access card. It is a common smart card that is also closely related to our life. So what are the specific processes for making a community access card?
There are several processes for making a community access card:
First, first determine the chip type of the cell access card, such as ID chip, IC chip, M1 card or cpu chip card.
Second, you must determine the layout of the cell access card, that is, whether you need a standard size or other size; also determine what pattern to print on the surface of the card, what text on the card, etc.; if the customer can provide directly Pictures, we can make according to the customer's request; if the customer does not have pictures, here we will design several layouts by customers to choose.
Third, to determine which processes to print, the current process types are: matte, matte, UV card, hot stamping, hot silver, film, color printing, surface gloss, laser code, inkjet, UV code, etc.
The above is the process that needs to be prepared in the early stage of making the access control card of the community. The specific production of the access control card, this needs to be handed over to the technical staff of our factory, and after the finished product is finished, it will be tested, packaged and shipped! You can rest assured that you can sign it. If there are any quality and technical problems, you can give feedback to the company, we will deal with you in time.

<h4><b>SPS offers new active anti-skimming security features for ePassports</b></h4> Smart Pac...

18 Oct 2018 @ 14:24

SPS offers new active anti-skimming security features for ePassports

Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS), introduces S-LOCK®, a new and active anti-skimming solution delivering additional security for citizen passport data.

SPS has taken into consideration both governments’ and citizens’ expectations and is proud to introduce S-Lock® (a patented solution) for electronic passports. S-Lock® is an innovative and active jamming device designed to protect citizens’ secure data from hacking through RFID waves.

S-Lock® solution can be added as an option for any passport inlay. S-Lock® device is based on the same material as SPS standard e-Boost antenna, with the same performance reliability. This solution has already been adopted by a major country government and volume deployment is ongoing. With this device, SPS widens its offer on its eBoost PASS® product line. SPS has already delivered passport inlays for more than ten counties, such as the Philippines, Algeria, France, Peru, Uruguay, Benin, Djibouti, ...

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<h4><b>Update on the offer by Thales for Gemalto<b></h4> Reference is made to the joint press ...

11 Oct 2018 @ 14:10

Update on the offer by Thales for Gemalto

Reference is made to the joint press release by Thales (Euronext Paris: HO) and Gemalto (Euronext Amsterdam and Paris: GTO) dated 27 March 2018 in relation to the launch of the recommended all-cash offer by Thales for all the issued and outstanding shares of Gemalto (the "Offer"), the publication of the Offer Document, and the joint press release of Thales and Gemalto dated 10 August 2018 in relation to the further extension of the Acceptance Period. Terms not defined in this press release will have the meaning as set forth in the Offer Document.

The contemplated combination is progressing satisfactorily: 6 of the required 14 regulatory clearances have already been obtained, and the steps to obtain the remaining eight[1] are well advanced.

Thales and Gemalto are discussing with certain antitrust authorities on remedy proposals to address their concerns with respect to the General Purpose Hardware Security Modules (GP HSM) market.

As a consequence, Thales and Gemalto now expect to close the offer in the first quarter of 2019. Thales and Gemalto continue to hold constructive discussions with the various regulatory authorities involved.

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<h4><b>UL International to Expand in Singapore – Focus on Cybersecurity, Inter-operability and Co...

17 Oct 2018 @ 14:13

UL International to Expand in Singapore – Focus on Cybersecurity, Inter-operability and Connectivity, and Sustainability Management

With its global headquarters in Northbrook, IL, USA, UL today announced that it is expanding its presence in the region through additional investment and by establishing Singapore as its international headquarters. The regional focus will strengthen UL capabilities in cybersecurity, inter-operability and connectivity, and sustainability management, aligning closely with the Singapore government’s vision of a Smart Nation.

UL International expansion plans include establishing a Global Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence and strengthening its brand protection and anti-counterfeiting capabilities in Singapore. Potential collaboration opportunities exist with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore and the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation.

Other expansion plans include UL Ventures, the venture investment and acceleration arm of UL, which is aggressively seeking investment opportunities in digital manufacturing, autonomous systems, smart cities, digital health and cyber security and is working with SGInnovate and Entrepreneur First. Another focus growth area for UL International is in deepening Standards Development in this region.

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