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<h4><b>Infineon gears up for further growth</b></h4> Infineon's new office building supports t...

9 Aug 2018 @ 19:11

Infineon gears up for further growth

Infineon's new office building supports the effort to expand capacities at its Kulim wafer fabrication facility. This will allow the company to meet growing demand and strengthen its leading position in the power semiconductor market.

Infineon Technologies celebrated the opening of its new Office 2 administration block. The new building reaffirms Infineon's commitment to Malaysia as a strategic manufacturing hub for the company.

Structural business and market growth is driving the need to expand manufacturing capacities. To support this growth, the Kulim facility relies heavily on the rapid adoption of Industry 4.0 elements into its wafer fabrication process. This will enable the site to ramp significantly and deliver continuous quality and productivity improvements.

Infineon Technologies (Kulim), the company's first and only fab facility in Asia, is positioned as the competence centre for megatrend technologies focussing on automotive and power management, with a headcount of close to 2,600 employees.


<h4><b>Workz becomes region’s first GSMA-certified eSIM factory</b></h4> Workz Group, the mobi...

7 Aug 2018 @ 17:00

Workz becomes region’s first GSMA-certified eSIM factory

Workz Group, the mobile solutions and serialized software specialist based in Dubai Production City, has become the Middle East and Africa’s first manufacturer to be certified by the GSMA for production of the SIM with eUICC software – a key component in the Internet of Things sector that will enable the remote management of devices over cellular networks.

The security accreditation awarded to Workz provides mobile network operators, device manufacturers, technology enablers, and other businesses looking to benefit from the new IoT technology with a guarantee that its SIM chips are manufactured to the highest level of security and in compliance to international standards for compatibility.

The company currently employs over 250 full-time staff and last year manufactured over 1.5 billion telecom products such as SIM cards and scratch cards in addition to providing over-the-air remote management services for SIMs and IoT devices.

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<h4><b> AmBank and Digi Partner to Lower Barriers for SMEs to Adopt e-payments </b></h4> AmBan...

8 Aug 2018 @ 11:38

AmBank and Digi Partner to Lower Barriers for SMEs to Adopt e-payments

AmBank continues to step up its digital strategy by opening up its wide merchant network to accept Digi’s vcash QR code as an additional payment service. This ‘e-payment partnership’ with Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) takes on a two-pronged approach. Firstly, AmBank’s merchant point-of-sale (POS) terminals will be enabled to accept vcash QR code transactions. What this means is that vcash users can pay for their transactions via Digi’s vcash mobile app. vcash users only need to scan the QR code to pay.

Digi will be signing up small and mid-sized enterprise (SME) merchants under the Master Merchant programme with AmBank. This will translate to more merchants accepting vcash payments, while growing AmBank’s merchant base.

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<h4><b>Gemalto Boosts Cloud Security with a Scalable Virtual Key Management Solution</b></h4> ...

7 Aug 2018 @ 13:10

Gemalto Boosts Cloud Security with a Scalable Virtual Key Management Solution

Gemalto announced a next-generation key management solution, SafeNet Virtual KeySecure, for simpler and stronger cloud security. Companies can extend their data protection policies to private and public clouds and centralize encryption and key management operations across multiple cloud environments.

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure integrates with leading cloud service providers and virtual platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and OpenStack, to provide companies with a single key management solution spanning multiple private or public cloud environments

As a result of the ongoing digital transformation within many organizations, data now resides across a growing number of cloud environments and web applications. Security teams are finding it ever more challenging to manage data protection policies, and solutions are often time-consuming and manual. Data protection operations can be simplified by using SafeNet Virtual KeySecure.

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<h4><b>Boost partners with UnionPay International to expand footprint in Malaysia and internation...

25 Jul 2018 @ 19:00

Boost partners with UnionPay International to expand footprint in Malaysia and internationally

Boost, Malaysia’s homegrown e-wallet app, announced today its partnership with global payment brand UnionPay to grow its footprint in Malaysia and overseas.

UnionPay ensures convenient local services to a growing number of global UnionPay Cardholders and merchants. Currently, there are over 7.5 million UnionPay QR Code (QRC) merchants globally, with UnionPay International announcing in May 2018 a massive roll out of EMV-compliant QRC terminals across different industries all over Malaysia.

Boost is a leading e-wallet application with over 2.7 million users with online and offline merchants located in over 30,000 touchpoints. Boost is designed to simplify the transactional process, ensuring an easy, fast and convenient payment process and overall more rewarding experience.

Android users can download Boost from the Play Store while iOS users can download from the App Store.

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<h4><b>Abe Technologies, distributor of Galitt Testing Tools in China </b></h4> Abe Technologi...

23 Jul 2018 @ 12:10

Abe Technologies, distributor of Galitt Testing Tools in China

Abe Technologies Shanghai Ltd. announced its alliance with Galitt to offer the whole range of testing software developed by Galitt, KaNest® simulators and VisuCard® products in the People’s Republic of China. The distribution agreement allows Abe Technologies to sell and support Galitt’s simulation tools to facilitate testing and certification for any transactional system, such as
smartcards, POS terminals, mobiles, payment networks and hosts as well as control and validation of personalization for any contact and contactless cards.

KaNest® simulators provide a unique customizable test tool to validate messages and interfaces between transactional systems, including card processing systems. The degree of customization and flexibility provided by KaNest® gives it a leading position in the testing tool marketplace. VisuCard® products are a range of personalization validation tools, supporting contact and contactless cards while implementing testing plans provided by international brands,qualified by the major ones.

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10 Jul 2018 @ 12:16


Piraeus Bank, the largest card issuer in Greece, has selected Antelop Solutions as its long-term e-wallet and digital payments partner, enabling the bank to provide its customers with a large range of cutting edge e-wallet and mobile payments capabilities.

Antelop’s white-label ecommerce and mobile payment solutions support Visa, Mastercard and Cartes Bancaires applications and can be integrated into an issuer’s existing environment, web and mobile banking, or offered as a standalone service.

Antelop was the first company to reach security compliance by Visa for an NFC mobile payment application in 2015.


<h4><b>Mastercard Partners with the Singapore Police Force Launch New Device to Tackle Card Crime...

9 Jul 2018 @ 10:29

Mastercard Partners with the Singapore Police Force Launch New Device to Tackle Card Crime

Mastercard has announced its partnership with the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force to implement the Mastercard Forensic Reader (MFR) which is the world's first device to help law enforcement agencies detect payment card fraud with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.

The introduction of the MFR enables law enforcement agencies to quickly process seized fraudulent cards and verify with the relevant card issuer if the card is a suspected counterfeit in a matter of seconds.

Deputy Director of CAD for Financial Investigation Ian Wong said, "Mastercard had been working very closely with the CAD in fighting payment card fraud since the 1980s. Besides providing invaluable assistance in our day-to-day investigations, Mastercard has also partnered CAD and other organizations in efforts to prevent payment card fraud."

Originally piloted in 2015, law enforcement agencies in Macau and Taiwan were among the first to adopt the MFR in Asia Pacific.

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<h4><b>RFID security for hospitals: Vigilant data monitoring is key</b></h4> RFID was design...

12 Jul 2018 @ 10:49

RFID security for hospitals:
Vigilant data monitoring is key

RFID was designed before security was the priority it is now. While encryption is supported and is an ISO standard (14443-4), there has not been much in the way of including security and authentication throughout RFID itself.

Android cell phones have been modified to steal contactless credit card information using the NFCProxy application. The UniProxy presentation at DEFCon 25 showed that it’s possible to spoof credit cards using cheap dedicated hardware. It’s also possible to clone RFID tokens for physical or computer system access.

There are two types of attacks that can cause major issues for a health enterprise, those being the unauthorized interception of patient information, and attacks on the supply chain and associated systems.

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<h4><b>Blockchain and AI are set to reboot digital marketing</b></h4> Blockchain and artificia...

5 Jul 2018 @ 13:31

Blockchain and AI are set to reboot digital marketing

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two of the major technologies trends right now. It likely to disrupt the digital marketing industry. A multitude of projects and start-ups are right now demonstrating that these technologies are heralding a new era of trust and automation in the digital marketing industry.

Blockchain technology is a distributed and transparent database that can record information and transactions in a way that cannot be modified by any company or individual. It is secure and limits the potential for fraud by removing the need for trust in a middleman or third-party to verify these transactions.

A startup called Sqreem uses AI to identify the right audience for a product/ brand, builds micro-segments out of that information, determines what types of content/ messaging would be most applicable to those micro-segments and then targets those audiences with advertising while constantly optimising spends based on real-time results. It's a somewhat scary, but also very exciting, world of increased automation in advertising!

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<h4><b>This is why you are getting so many emails about new privacy policies</b></h4> The Gene...

25 May 2018 @ 01:36

This is why you are getting so many emails about new privacy policies

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline was on May 25, 2018, and all businesses must be in compliance by then.

The agreement was made back in 2016 to provide businesses enough time to prepare and make adjustments to its privacy policies.

In the wake of recent data privacy scandals, companies have been making significant updates to their privacy policies and how personal data is collected and used.

This is the reason why you have been receiving so many emails and app update notifications from companies saying they are updating its data privacy policies.


<h4><b>WhatsApp Hastens Payments Push for 200 Million Indians</b></h4> Facebook Inc. is set to...

31 May 2018 @ 01:39

WhatsApp Hastens Payments Push for 200 Million Indians

Facebook Inc. is set to offer its WhatsApp payment services to the whole of India as early as next week in an attempt to win market share, even though its partners aren’t all ready.

The entry of Whatsapp into India’s payments space has been likened to WeChat, which reshaped payments in China when it expanded beyond messaging.

The pilot version of WhatsApp Pay -- started with 1 million users in February -- received rave reviews.


<h4><b>Apple to unlock the NFC chips on its iPhones for broader use</b></h4> A lot of users we...

28 May 2018 @ 17:32

Apple to unlock the NFC chips on its iPhones for broader use

A lot of users were kind of disappointed to see Apple enabling the NFC chip (first on the iPhone 6) but restricting it only to Apple Pay.

However, the latest report claims that Apple is going to right its wrongs by giving the NFC a bit broader functionality.

The source cites that the new feature is already in use for Apple employees working at Apple Park. They use their iPhones to gain access to the building by just holding the device near the contactless terminal. These terminals are developed in partnership with HID Global.

New NFC features are expected to be announced during next month's WWDC event when Apple will announce the next version of its mobile OS - iOS 12.


<h4><b>HID Global Scores Big with FIFA World Cup 2018</b></h4> HID Global announced that it ha...

23 May 2018 @ 17:41

HID Global Scores Big with FIFA World Cup 2018

HID Global announced that it has been appointed the “official ticket producer” for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

HID Global will deliver more than 3 million secure RFID tickets for the 64 matches of the 2018 World Cup, which will be held in 11 host cities of the Russian Federation from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

“HID Global is providing FIFA with a formidable defense against ticket fraud and simplifying the process of a fan’s picking a ticket and using it to tap and go into the stadium,” said Stefan Widing, President and CEO of HID Global.


<h4><b>Gemalto to supply new UK passport</b></h4> Gemalto has been awarded the contract to sup...

23 May 2018 @ 15:05

Gemalto to supply new UK passport

Gemalto has been awarded the contract to supply a new generation of UK passport. Issuance of the new UK electronic passport will commence in October 2019.

The new British passport will integrate for the first time a polycarbonate data page and include new security features developed by Gemalto. "​The new blue-cover UK passport will be one of the most technically advanced passports in the world," said Gemalto.

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<h4>A short yet satisfying video by Wirecard</h4>

21 May 2018 @ 18:27

A short yet satisfying video by Wirecard

<h4><b>Mastercard announces the creation of "Accelerate"</b></h4> Accelerate is an initiative ...

21 May 2018 @ 17:13

Mastercard announces the creation of "Accelerate"

Accelerate is an initiative designed to support the ambitions of players in the FinTech sector through tailored support arrangements including access to insight, tools, technology and investment to support innovation.

Tools include dedicated Mastercard licensing specialists to support market expansion, in-market access to account expertise to fast track growth, and unparalleled ability to connect to comprehensive processing assets.

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<h4><b>McDonald's in the UK and Ireland to work with Ingenico for the next 5 years</b></h4> Mc...

17 May 2018 @ 02:32

McDonald's in the UK and Ireland to work with Ingenico for the next 5 years

McDonald’s, along with its franchisees, in the UK and Ireland has selected Ingenico Group to handle the growth in demand for cashless transactions.

“We believe that this payment solution is one of the most advanced in the retail sector and is a critical component to delivering excellent experience for our customers." - Jon Braithwaite, Director of IT, McDonald’s Restaurants Limited


<h4><b>GDPR can potentially get you fines up to 4% of global revenues or 20 million EUR</b></h4> ...

17 May 2018 @ 01:45

GDPR can potentially get you fines up to 4% of global revenues or 20 million EUR

Perhaps the most comprehensive data privacy standard to date, GDPR affects any organization that processes the personal data of EU citizens - regardless of where the organization is headquartered.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to improve personal data protections and increase organizational accountability for data breaches.

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<h4><b>Wirex payment card gives cashback in the form of Bitcoin</b></h4> Wirex introduced “Cry...

15 May 2018 @ 04:03

Wirex payment card gives cashback in the form of Bitcoin

Wirex introduced “Cryptoback” the world's first crypto-back offer exclusive to the Wirex Visa Payment Card.

Cryptoback rewards you when you use your Wirex payment card in-store. Every time you pay in-store by chip & pin or Tap&Go, you get 0.5% back in rewards. Instead of cashback, you get Crypto! (Bitcoin to be exact).

You have the choice of keeping the rewards in Bitcoin or you can even exchange them within the app into the currency of your choice – GBP, USD, EUR or Litecoin (LTC).

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